Magento – A Leading Ecommerce Platform

Magento is a well-known ecommerce platform. One of the main benefits of this platform is the availability of it’s large array of features. Through these features development and management of online store can be done easily. This CMS platform is a widely used ecommerce platform worldwide today. It would be benefitting to develop your ecommerce website using Magento.

If you are finding a Magento developer, Vowelweb is the place for you. Our Magento developers deeply study regarding the particular platform and work on it. We are the professional developers of Magento. This is an advanced platform preferred by us for developing the Magento websites. Vowelweb is experienced in creating professional websites using this platform. Our experts are highly professional in developing award winning Magento websites. The developers use their extensive knowledge, extensions and templates to build the websites.

Some of it’s features are:

Open Source –

The Magento Community Edition is free to use and is an open source sufficient for most of the Ecommerce companies. It does not require licensing or maintenance fees for it’s development. The CMS is written using PHP programming and the codes are fully open to modify by any developer.

Community and Support –

Support is critical for any business you are running and the Magento Development Community is there to help. The Magento Development Community is very vast, growing and extremely helpful. The developers and ecommerce business owners can easily find solutions and help they need from the Support Community.

SEO Friendly –

Once your website is ready it is very essential for it to be found online by the users on all search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. It is a highly SEO friendly platform which is very important for a site to get found online.

Ecommerce Platform –

Magento CMS has been created with Ecommerce kept in mind.This CMS platform is a very famous Ecommerce platform as compared to other ecommerce platforms.

Scalable and Flexible –

This CMS platform is highly scalable and flexible. It is expert in handling all the business needs whether big or small. This platform provides the options of multiple languages, checkout options, currencies, multiple stores, etc. It provides flexibility to all it’s users because it is an open source written in PHP programming language. Scalability and flexibility is required by every business and this platform has it all to offer.

Marketing Capabilities –

Marketing your online business is essential to ensure that your products and services are being found by the people. It is a CMS platform integrated with marketing solutions. Magento Development is a good choice from the perspective of marketers because it is a CMS platform integrated with marketing solutions.

Extendability –

There are many platforms that allows you to extend their functionality with extensions, modules or add-ons. This platform does the same. Extensions allow you to have control on who all can access the extension within your admin area.
Why not Magento?

Developers –

It’s hard to find good Magento developers. This platform is a large system. So, it takes a developer who has good understanding about object oriented development and experienced in the core software to work on this platform.

Hosting –

If you run this platform on normal shared hosting it will give a slow and frustrating experience to the visitors. It needs to be hosted on dedicated servers that can be configured.

Timing –

It has a flexible architecture and therefore it requires more time for customization’s.