World No Tobacco Day Is Awakening People’s Minds For Change

Every year on the 30th of May, the world commemorates World No Tobacco Day which is sponsored by the WHO(World Health Organization). The purpose behind this day is to raise awareness about the health hazards corresponding to tobacco consumption. It encourages the governments for the implementation of effective policies to lessen the usage of tobacco and smoking.

WHO has revealed that more than seven million people are dying due to tobacco every year around the globe. There is a prediction that this figure will increase unless and until the steps against tobacco consumption are taken. Tobacco is largely responsible for causing fatal diseases such as cancer, heart diseases, lung diseases, and many other health hazards.

World No Tobacco Day 2017

“Tobacco- a threat to development” is the theme for World No Tobacco Day 2017. The following points have been rightly said by WHO:

  • If the governments control the tobacco market, they can protect their citizens from facing the lethal outcome of tobacco consumption.
  • The usage of tobacco worsens people’s health and aggravates poverty, since the very poor people do not spend much on the basic necessities like food, health care and edification.
  • Increased taxes on items made out of tobacco helps in tobacco demand reduction. This can be an effective government initiative.
  • A large number of fertilizers and pesticides are required to cultivate tobacco which is toxic polluting the water bodies. Hence, the harmful environmental consequences of tobacco growing can be reduced through comprehensive tobacco control.
  • Control on tobacco is effective in reducing poverty, promoting sustainable economic growth and tackling climate change.

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